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as quick as lightning - very fast;

The dog grabbed the meat and was out of the shop as quick as a lightning.

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What is an idiom? An idiom is a phrase where the words together have a meaning that is different from the dictionary definitions of the individual words.

Learning English idioms should be a part of any decent english online course. It's almost impossible to guess the meaning of an idiom, you have to learn it by heart like english grammar or english vocabulary.

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2011-11-16 17:00:32
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The dog grabbed the meat and was out of the shop as quick as a lightning.= i think it should be the dog grabbed the meat THAT was out of the shop!!?! wouldnt u think it make more sense????
thanks for this helpfull idiom :)

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2012-03-15 08:10:50
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We can also use "ran like hell"
Ex: the boy at dinner and ran like hell

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The dog grabbed the meat and was out of the shop as quick as a lightning

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"The Golden Part Of One's Life Is His ChildHood Which Passes AS QUICK AS LIGHTNING / AS QUICKLY AS LIGHTNING".
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